This picturesque Dalmatian village and the close by village of  Sovlje are located in the heart of the Šibenik-Knin county. Some of the advantages of Tribunj are its geographical position on the coast and the fact that it is divided into two distinct sections, the historical island centre and the mainland village now including a Tourist Board office, Post Office, Church, cultural centre and bank, together with a wide variety of restaurants and bars in addition to small supermarkets and specialist shops.   Our own tourist office is right in the centre on the mainland.    The Croatian design of stone houses in narrow streets is complemented by a beautiful view of the two islands in the Tribunj archipelago – Lukovnjak and Logorun which stand just off shore.

Although it has focused on tourism in the last few decades, Tribunj is still recognized for its fishing and olive growing industries which have traditionally been the local population’s means of income.   According to the census from 2011, Tribunj has 578 households and 1526 permanent residents but there are many visitors to the village in the Summer months

The Tribunj hinterland with field and cycling paths and trails cutting across typical Dalmatian olive groves and vineyards  leads visitors up to panoramic sites from the  hill above  and serve as an invitation to all cyclists, mountaineers and walkers to experience the magic of this region.

Source: TB Tribunj