Tempus Fugit travel agency offers full day excursions to the National Parks of Krka, Kornati and Plitvice Lakes as well as rafting adventures on the river Cetina.


NP Krka

Full day excursion

Starts: 09,30/Vodice harbour

Duration: 09,00 – 17,00 h

Escort: Tourist guide escort provided

Transport: By boat

Price for this trip includes:

the ticket into the National Park, a guide and lunch.

Excursion schedule:

09.00 – Leave harbour at Vodice by boat and sail past coastal villages down to the entrance to the protected harbour of Sibenik with its famous fortress.

Continue up river to the Sibenik bridge and admire the Cathedral St. Jakov dating from the 15c. as well as the ancient waterside town rising from the port.

The trip continues up the Krka river with deep sided ravine and marvellous scenery arriving at Prukljan Lake and continuing on to the ancient port of Skradin which is believed to be one of the oldest ports in Europe.

Beyond Skradin the boat continues up river to the entrance of the National Park where visitors will continue on foot with the guide in order to visit the magnificent waterfalls and cascades crossing old wooden bridges fording sunlit pools shaded with ferns and alive with interesting flora and fauna.

The town of Skradin boasts a wealth of exciting shopping possibilities and includes a tranquil square from which to sip a drink and watch the world pass by.

Boat leaves at 15.00 returning Vodice around 17.00.


NP Kornati

The Kornati archipelago is a much photographed phenomenon due to its unique formation.

It is the largest group of islands in the Mediterranean numbering 140 islands in an area of about 300 km2.

Full day excursion

Starts: 09,00/Vodice

Duration:  09,00 – 17,30 h

Escort: Tourist guide escort provided

Transport: By boat

Price for this trip includes:

Ticket entrance to the National Park, guide and lunch.

Excursion schedule:

09:00 – Leave Vodice harbour and sail a course to Kornati islands. Magnificent sightseeing both of the mainland coast and the offshore islands en route.

Arrive at Long Island in the nature part of Telascica where there is a round trip of Salty Lake.

Take the path to the top of the island in order to admire the marvellous all round views of the archipelago.

Return to the boat where lunch will be served after which there will be time for a swim or snorkel or for further island exploration and sunbathing.

Return Vodice around 17.30.


NP Plitvička jezera

This wonderful National Park features cascading rivers and waterfalls into multiple lakes.

The flora and fauna are preserved with great sensitivity and this park is a great attraction for visitors to this part of Croatia.

Full day excursion

Starts: 08,00/Vodice

Duration: 08,00 – 19,00 h

Transport: minibus

Price for this trip includes:

All travel, tour guide, entrance ticket, lunch

Excursion schedule:

08.00h leave Vodice arriving NP Plitvice at 10.30h.

On arrival we begin by exploring the Lower Lake with its magnificent waterfall and returning through the caves into Lika House.

Exploration of the Plitvice Lakes by boat takes around 3 hours after which the guests will meet for lunch at Lika House restaurant.

We leave the Park at 17.00h arriving back at Vodice around 19h.


Rafting - Cetina

Rafting – Cetina

The River Cetina is one of the most beautiful spots in Croatia where you can enjoy a magical rafting adventure.

Situated in lovely surroundings the river Cetina, quietly passes through her canyons with the hills rising above. Over the centuries a beautiful valley has been created.

Full day excursion

Starts:                   10,00/Vodice
Duration:               10,00 – 20,30 h
Escort:                  Tourist guide
Transport:             minibus

Price for this trip includes:

All travel, tour guide, entrance ticket, lunch

Excursion schedule:

All travel, tour guide, entrance ticket, lunch Schedule: 10:00 h leave Vodice by Omiš travelling along the coast and admiring the beautiful scenery.

The rafting adventure starts at 14.00h and lasts betwen 3-4 hours,with guests going along the Cetina Canyon for approximately 9km.

On begining the tour you will meet your guide who will provide all the equpment needed such as, jackets, helmets, harnesses, etc. He will also explain to you the techniques required and the safety measures. Participants should wear shorts and bathing suits and have a set of dry clothes for changing into after the rafting.

There will be opportunities for swimming in pearly clear water and in some places for jumping into the river. There is a beautiful small waterfall along the route and you will have the opportunity to visit a cave behind this.

All ages between 7 and 77 can participate although children under 12 years need to be accompanied by parents.

We leave Omiš at 18.00h, arriving back at Vodice around 20.30h.


Canue safari - Zrmanja

Canue safari – Zrmanja

From 1 June you can find us on the river Zrmanja. This is our summer resort and our second home. From here we enjoy an unusual experience, the sound of waterfalls, the green banks of the river and friendly hosts. Our daily programme on this river is Canoe safari.


Arrival at our base,  located at the start of the route, in the village Kaštel Žegarski at 10:00. Gathering of group members and equipment hire. We instruct you how to behave on the river and teach you a rowing technique. The five to eight hour adventure begins, during which we also take time to rest and  bathe. The first part of Zrmanja is calm. There you can learn how to maintain a desired course while rowing. Half way down the river we take a turn to the river Krupa which is completely calm and after 7 minutes of rowing we reach the first waterfalls. We draw the canoes onto the coast, and do a 6-minute trek to the place where you can  bathe under waterfalls and have a meal while listening to their cascades. After resting we return to rowing on Zrmanja.  We arrive at an astounding 11-metre waterfall and pass it on foot, while the canoes are thrown down waterfalls. The second part of the route rewards us with numerous passable waterfalls. The rowing is not tiring nor dangerous, in summer the water is clear and warm and is ideal for beginners. The route ends in Muškovci where you can renew your strength, enjoy some local specialties and rest in the cool shade.

Canoes and equipment

We use stabile sit-on-top kayaks for two. Each kayak is equipped with a waterproof, 25-litre container (for your camera, documents, dry clothes, food, etc.), two oars, life vests, neoprene suits and helmets.

Food and accommodation

At the finish of the Canoe safari route, there is a fast food restaurant decorated appropriately for the river, and a campsite by the river where you can rest and spend the night lulled to sleep by the sound of the water.

Price:  280 KN (children up to 12 years – 180 KN)

Included in the price:

  • canoe safari equipment (life vest, helmet, kayaks and oars)
  • skipper
  • accident insurance

Dates: every day from 1 June to 1 September

Previous notice required at least a day in advance